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There have been many sweet sorrows over the last couple days so I thought I'd take a moment to reflect.

The first was to my travelling partner for the last month. I had to head back to Rome in a hurry and he wanted to take a little more time to see Olympia (place in greece) and Kahlia (cool aussie girl in Athens). What can I say about my friend Matthew. As a collector of words I've come to believe that certain phrases are able to express setiments tha contain fragments of wisdom. Whe I find these pearls I try and live my life by them. One such phrase is this; "Never remain in the company of people you would not be willing to die with." Since you can go at any given time, you should be careful about who shares your experiences. Matt is a person in whose company I am always comfortable. He is Rosencrantz to my Guildenstern, Bill to my Ted, Enkidu to my Gilgamesh. He counsels my, challenges me, and sometimes reminds me of goals I have yet to attain but have somehow forgotten. Neither of us would be the same person we are today if not for the other. He is my brother, my confessor and partner in crime. A person I am proud of and a person whom I am proud to call my friend. You know I'm always there for you dude, cheers amigo, see you on the flipside.

Shortly thereafter, was my farewell to my other travelling partner. At the last minute she decided to spend a little more time in Athens also. Helen, my shy and sexy bella principia. The wandering spirit with the magic hands (amazing masseuse). When you were with us we were welcome averywhere we went because we brought the pretty with us. You made the bathroom smell like girls but were in there with the dick, fart and sex jokes. You Rule. May you find what you're looking for, whenever it is you're ready to stop searching. I sincerely hope to see your beautiful smile again. Holy shit, I think I just saw a giraffe.

And lastly, my farewell to Greece. Goodbye stray dogs that follow you everywhere. Goodbye sunsets that bring tears to your eyes. Goodbye greek mythology references (by the wisdom of Athena's Owl and the strength of her shield, I am gonna miss those) Goodbye gyros (really gonna miss those) and also goodbye to creepy, change-jingling, catcalling men. Sigh.

I'm going to make a series of short entries so that i can plot my progress on the map, cheers


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