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Another shot of Namtok Mae Surin

A valley we stopped at on the road to Mae Sariang...nice.

A look at Mae Sariang and the Mountains of Burma in the...

Another view across the Mae Sariang valley floor

A 60ft Buddhess with TITANIC nipples

Just in case you wanted proof

You betcha..

A ridiculous looking temple in Doi Intthanon National Park

Well I now know what scooter butt feels like! 5 days of sitting pretty much non stop on a scooter really gets the 'ld bunda aching! We left Mae Hong Song and drove the 200 odd klicks to Mae Sariang. We were slightly undecided whether to be extra adventurous and do a bout of offroad riding and cut through the centre of the loop. In the end we decided to play it safe, rationaising we were already being adventurous by both of us riding a little 115 cc scooter (aka PEA) over very mountainous countryside.

Mae Sariang was a nice little town situated by the river. We found a nice place to stay which was looked after by a lovely Thai lady, formerly from one of the hill tribe villages (a Karen village). These Thai villages have had a lot of problems with the Burmese over the years and from what I hear there is still a "shoot on sight" policy. A lot of these hill tribe villages basically live as nomads moving their villages from time to time.

We left MS early in the morning as the sun really beats down during the day. 45 degrees on a bike, riding into the hot hair dryer type wind definitely works on your tan!

We stopped off at Doi Inthanon (Thailand's highest summit) which was a little disappointing. No views to speak of but the ride up to the summit was really spectacular. Poor little Pea had to work super hard to get us up the mountain...she realy was struggling.

On the way back to Chaing Mai I accidently managed to leave my motorbike helmet behind at a little road side cafe. DURR... but I was tired, hot and bothered from being on the bike all day. I was very sceptical at exactly how much the rental company would sting us for a new helmit. Luckily kama kicked in as Tim found a helmet lying in the road later that evening. No, really it was just lying in the rd! Yay.

Back to CM and straight to Julie's gueshouse. We landed up meeting up with a girl we had met in Vietnam. We had a rather exciting evening when someone in our party had a dispute with the restaurant owner about his bill. The hardest looking Thai guys were quickly called in and things got rather heated. Needless to say we did a quick duck and headed away to safty. Have to say I really was more than a little nervous.

Ok time to head back (fly actually!) to Bangkok to head over to Kanchanaburi.

Take care

Nix and Tim

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