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Ashley and Megan on left and right...both digging thru stuff to change...

Sunset at Bari ferry port...

More sunset...

A third sunset shot...just playing with the flash.

Out on open sea...another ferry catching us.

This was the self-service food seating area...nice facilities on board!

One of the bars on board.

My windowfront seat where I killed time playing Suduko (sp?)...

The "airline seating"...this was the typical 1st class seat...I opted not to...

Bari - not one to put on your list, but that's ok, it's not advertised to be. It is simply a place to catch a ferry.

As with most of my European travel, it is by-the-minute type decision making. Naples was that way...I just decided to go one morning because I couldn't find anywhere else to go. Bari I chose because I had heard it was one of, or, THE biggest port for Greece-bound ferries in Italy. Ofcourse, once I got here I read that many ferries don't run off season, so I began to wonder if my trip had been for naught.

Here's a rule of thumb for you: no one in any country who sells a bus ticket gives a crap about you. This contrasts with the subway ticket booth person who sometimes cares about whether or not you get where you want to go, but more often than not, they'd just soon you got out of their face too and went on your way... The train booth guys are better than marginal. The guy in Bari was kind enough to tell me that I had to catch a bus to get to the ferry terminal and even gave me the bus number....odd...but he gave it to me.

When I bought my ticket for the "20/" bus to the Bari ferry port, the guy gave me some Italian moan and indicated (by head nod only because no one has the decency to actually look you in the eye) that I was to just wait for it 100 meters over there and it would come. Well, he was right. It did come and I got to the ferry dock fine.

On the bus I met two young American girls from Missouri and Texas. They were on about hour 24 of their travels out of Vienna, Austria. They too were trying to get to Greece.

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