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Andrea and Andrew beside the salt lake

Andrew's family with Ellen Degeneris (do you think that Andrea looks like...

A view from Darren's family's land

This is what they call a combine - it was also made...

Our catalogue poses - do you think we have a shot as...

This used to be a cart in the salt lake

Two wise men

Somebody got stuck here once

Arty pic

Arty pic2

Look mum no hands

The magot plant

A lovely berry

Andrea takes part in the guess the weight of the melon competition

Sorry for the delay getting some text and photos up for this entry... It was a quick visit but fun one all the same.

Andrew was our trainee back in 1999 and was the first trainee that Brian met when we were over visiting family in Alberta. Andrew left a lasting legacy as being the first and only trainee to own a white stretch limo during his stay on the farm (you could hardly see those rust spots after that lick of emulsion paint eh?) and putting up the Canadian flagpole that still flies proudly in the front yard. That was a little something extra he and my sister Deanna dreamt up while Mom and Dad were away on summer holidays. They thought it would be a nice surprise for them when they got back.

It was fun seeing Andrew again - he looked initially like a surfer dude with his long golden locks and flash red Holden Commodore he picked us up from the airport in. Still single if anyone is looking!!!

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