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The Garden at the Imperial Palace

Another spot

A mural of the Lords sitting on rocks in the garden out...

The garden and the rocks upon which the Lords in the mural...

Kinkaju-ji, the Golden Temple original summer retreat 1397. Reconstructed 1955

Ryoan-ji -- Rinzai school of Zen -- a very peaceful place

At Ryoan-ji

One of my favourite spots at Ryoan-ji

Lotus growing with the water lilies at Ryoan-ji

Shaved Ice with flavoring -- terrific

We stopped for tea before we parted

The Imperial Palace in Kyoto, which cannot be visited by Japanese, unless they are accompanying foreign visitors (us). Our visit permitted Mari and Masao to see this place. The emperor ruled from Kyoto from 794 to 1868 before moving to Tokyo at the time of the Meiji Restoration. The grounds were beautiful, and large, and the buildings very much resembled Chinese architecture. A highlight was the screen painted of a game played by Lords in the garden, and the garden where the meeting took place was right out front. A poem was written and placed on a small boat and sent on to the next person..

Kinkaku-ji, the beautiful Golden Temple, which now dates from 1955 because of a fire. Lovely view and we had tea together in the garden.

Ryoan-ji, the Zen rock garden, which is a place of peace and serenity. The gardens were also very calming - especially the view of the lotus plants. This is a place where we could spend a lot more time.

The Reikimaster - I learned about this, because I thought I might be able to visit the place where he is buried. Only part of his ashes are in Kyoto, and you must book ahead, in writing, and you must spend 90 minutes in meditation and chanting before they will permit you to have at 90 minute tour of the shrine.

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