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Some of us were a little nervous about this -- but, separate...

This pagoda was beautiful at night -- seen from where we were...

If you feed the deer, youmight lose your way.

Light the incense to bring us all luck.

Todai-Ji- world's largest wooden building -- Giant Buddha, 746AD, World Heritage Site

Yum -- Japanese style breakfast

Amy and Noi looking very Japanese

Tea in an old Japanese House

We served as the entertainment for 40 minutes

607AD, Horyu-Ji, another World Heritage site

Horyu-ji Oldest wooden building in the world

On the train bound for Kyoto, believe it or not

Nara and Kyoto

Our hosts, for the remainder of our time in Japan, were Mari and Masao Yamashita. We had stayed with them in Mito, and they had suggested that we visit Kyoto and Shikoku with the Thai anesthesiologists, and then go on to Shikoku, as they had not been there.

Kyoto and Nara are beautiful places, with many shrines (Shinto) and temples (Buddhist).

In Kyoto we could have enjoyed a week visiting, but opted, this visit, to spent 2 nights in Hiroshima at the end of our trip.

The highlights: -

The hotel in Nara - our first "Japanese style". We were with the Thai people, and we all took a Japanese style bath.

The deer in Nara who do a "bow" for the food in your hand, before you arrive at the Giant Budha.

The restaurant in Nara in which we took all the seats - and the locals were patient and understanding. Great fun!

The oldest wooden building in the world, another World Heritage location, Horyu-ji.

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