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REception in Tsukuba -- 2 former residents who worked with Masao

The room in which I presented the talk on information systems

Yes I had to show them my fish -- BIG SUSHI!

Dr. Maruyama, the President of the Society.

The formal opening -- I had to speakinto a microphone like this...

The Thai's were there at the JSPA

Two beauties who gave their men some credibility

I am not that daring, you devil!

We are one big happy family in Pediatric Anesthesia

Yoh Horimoto -- Next year's meeting is in beautiful and convenient Shizuoka...

There are multiple reasons that we closed the reception.

This lady is one of the Pearl Island Divers

My presentation in Tsukuba was the only English presentation of the meeting. The experience was somewhat intimidating, and it definitely took me outside my "comfort zone". There is a formality to the culture which seems unforgiving. I made my way to Tsu, and my presentation went well, especially with the Japanese translations on the slides. I will not do it without, in the future, because it creates a very professional atmosphere. People can understand what is being communicated when they can read in their own language, if they choose.

We visited a place called Pearl Island to learn about the industry of raising pearls. I understand why, in this industry, reputable dealers are your only way to know what you are getting. I have difficulty with discerning which pearls are high, low and fake qualities. I just try to do what my spouse likes. Sometimes she has to buy her own.

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