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A recent comment someone made that really made me think...

"It's weird to be out here sailing in the Whitsunday Islands, which is for quite priviledged people you could say, and to meet someone who helps the poor. Most people who work with the poor would rather give all of their money to the poor than be out here." -Tharis, from France

Ouch! I thought. But it wasn't meant to offend me. Does my heart not care enough to sacrifice this for others who are in great need? That gave me a lot to contemplate.

Actually on my first bus ride in Australia, the little children in Northern Kenya were definitely on my mind. The drought there is so severe and has been so long-lasting that it has recently been declared a natural disaster. And what am I doing? Spending hundreds of dollars to explore in Australia. Hmmm. What was I going to do? Feel bad and guilty about taking rest in a cool place I've dreamed about since I was little? No, I just decided that I would enjoy my time here and then do the best I can to do something about those little guys in Kenya who are sitting roadside requesting even just a cup of lukewarm water from passersby. Will this be my next trip? Would God open the doors for me to go and do something to help the most vulnerable children in that area? We'll see.

Another thing I realized thru that comment was that most people hold back from doing 'good things' because they feel that they have to give their very all. Some do give their very all. I, on the other hand, have not begun to learn about that kind of compassion yet, the kind that inspires people to really give it all up for someone else. I've met people like that, but not sure I even began to grasp how in the world they became that way. Recently I've discovered that compassion is something that we decide to show towards others more than it is something that we feel. In that case, we have no excuse for waiting until we're overwhelmed with feeling for someone to do something to help them. We should just help people, even if it's in a very small way. Just imagine if everyone stopped trying to do something big and just did something small to help those around them. The world would no doubt run a bit more smoothly.

These are my thoughts so far, although I'm not convinced that I shouldn't feel guilty about seeing some of the poorest people on earth on this trip yet still living myself like quite a privileged person. Hmmm. I'll just have to think about that.

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