Katie's Live and Unleashed 05/06 Worldwide Tour travel blog

Clarke Quay

View from Kate's flat

Lunch at Marriott Cafe

Brunch with Nimmo, Mr and Mrs Roberts and Kate

Brunch on Sentosa

Other lunch guests

Shipping channel from Sentosa

And it didn't rain!

Brunch hotel swimming pool with black lining

Black water!!

Kate and Nimmo sunbathing in no sun!!

Kate in her second home!

Roberts familly in Boat Quay

The Kates' Breakfast meeting as Sherard pops through Singapore

Out for Chinese with Kate and Angus

My "work station"!

Dinner with NZ special sausage and gorgeous NZ wine...

Please note: I took these photos of Singapore on the only dull, overcast and wet day of the year - usually it is hot, sunny and beautiful, and everyone should visit and meet Kate at the same time...even if you don't know her yet!!

Where to start with Singapore?? Home away from home! Brilliant to see Kate again as she met me at the airport, and her apartment is fabulous, all marble-clad and a huge balcony opening up from the sitting room. This was a place where I spent a week catching upon myself, swimming every morning and buying a ridiculous number of pairs of shoes!! Typical of Sod's Law, Kate, having had 6 really quiet weeks at work, suddenly got ridiculously busy and was caught in the office to really late. Mr and Mrs Roberts also turned up on the Sunday just in time for brunch (all you can eat from a massive choice of everything and as much champagne as you can drink) on Sentosa Island followed by swimming, and Angus headed off to visit his Sister and new baby in New Zealand. Nimmo, Kate and I had previously had a Saturday night-on-the-tiles in the VIP suite of the 72nd floor of the Swissotel - incredible views of Singapore but as I didn't realize where we were going, the camera stayed at home. Cocktails, champagne and flaming mixtures lead to a lot of silly antics on the dance-floor but at least I retained my memory unlike Miss Roberts who is a few hours down!!

Kate Sherard, OTC friend, also popped through on her way from Hong Kong to Bali, so we had breakfast and then hung-out until lunch drinking water in the shopping centre (caught up with loads of gossip then too!). The weather in Singapore had lots to be desired....but apparently I was just unlucky! Everyone could tell I wasn't local each time I got caught out in the pounding rain and had to just stop under any shelter I could find...sometimes I waited a long while! Also went out for dinner at Boat Quay, where they celebrated winning the London Olympics, with Kate's father's uncle and wife who happened to be in town too. Was finding out Krish, Bristol friend's number as heard he was working in Singapore, to find out at that exact moment he was on a flight heading back to London after 2 years!

So I then headed off for Borneo for 12 days, and returned back to my beautiful Singapore pad for Angus' return. We dinner very well then - local Chinese one night and New Zealand wine and sausage (with other things) the next. Bought 3 more pairs of shoes before shipping them all home and my bag still seems to be getting bigger!

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