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Shanti Lodge

Typical apartment buildings

Alley off of Khao San Rd

City of motorbikes


Plant market


Food market

little posers


Taewaraj temple


hundreds of fish

view from skytrain


tuk-tuk driver

Shanti Lodge

one of numerous shrines

Shanti Lodge


the big river?

Shanti lodge

Shanti lodge again

Lots of photos. There is so much to see, touch and smell - it is impossible to describe. A complete sensory overload.

Some things that we noticed about Bangkok:

- very strong aromas from sweet-smelling fruit stands and fresh jasmine flowers, to foul garbage roasted in the sun

- constant traffic noise

- motorbikes everywhere

- lots of gaunt looking animals (cats, dogs and squirrels) - stay clear from people

- tonnes of street-vendors selling everything from fresh fruit juices and deep-fried plantain to fried fish, and boiling hot soups

- people out on the streets at night - playing ping-pong, loughing, feeding-fish in the river with left-over food, socializing and eating

- very green - plant growth in most unexpected places

- very warm and very humid around the clock

- relentless tuk-tuk drivers

- and much more, I can't remember

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