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chill'en in bedrock


underground city used by christians to hide from the romans


dining room table for monks



cool slot canyon


fungus would be perfect about now!!!!

they even look like mushrooms

get some!!!


i dig the satellite






now i know why they call it love valley


saturday market in urgup







rose valley








turkish turkeys are difficult to spot

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some little clips i took while exploring sword canyon(i dont know how...

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(MP4 - 623 K)


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(MP4 - 2.97 MB)


Goreme in Capidocia is a stange world, its a playground for sure. You feel as though you have landed on some remote planet with sand people about. There are many canyons the explore as well as underground cities,rock hewn chuches and horny tortoises. Its like bryce canyon sort of.

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