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waiting for the nightbus through Paraguay

bumper cars

Iguacu Falls


snackshop warriors


more view of the falls


Devil's Throat

close up

group photo

Dinner show and THE buffet (buffets are everywhere in Brazil)

bottle balancing dance


Mariachi band

Veshti enjoying the music


carmen miranda

brazilian dancers





our helicopter to the falls

us in the helicopter

us flying over the falls

overhead view

group on the park train to Devil's throat on Argentina side

Devil's throat


on speed boat, pre-waterfall soaking

view from the boat

about to become one with the water

we just couldn't help ourselves :)

Kirin Ichiban - Japanese for beer :)

yummy ice cream


historic part of city

public bus stops

Iguacu Falls, what can I say, absolutely spectacular. We actually had two days at the Falls. We arrived after taking the overnight bus, so everyone was a little tired, but it was great. The first day we actually walked down to the Falls from the Brazilian side. That night we went out to a dinner show that was great. We included pictures of some of the show. It was separated by the different countries in South America (and also Mexico) with a little carnival included in the end.

The next day we got up early and took a helicopter ride over the Falls (Devil's Throat). We then drove to the Argentina side (much better) and took a train up to the top of the falls. We walked out to the very edge so that we could look over the Falls, unbelievable to say the least. We then took the train and then a vehicle to the bottom of the falls where we got on a boat. The boat ride took us actually underneath one of the falls.

That night a few of us went out and enjoyed a great Japanese meal which ended with Sake toasts.

The following day we took another 10 hour bus ride (just one more of these long bus rides left) to the Coritiba which is where we are right now.

Tonight we have our last long overnight bus for 14 hours to get to our island just south of Rio. We won't have internet access until we get to Rio on Oct. 3rd. We are headed home on Oct. 4th and 5th. So we may see some of you then. Our next adventure will start Oct. 28th where we will be enroute to Spain.

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