Sheryl's Asia trip from 29/09/05 to whenever travel blog

22 March 06 - To Stung Treng

I was up really early, had breakfast and then Soccer took me at 0715 to the Tribal Hotel and Pierette was sitting there looking a lot happier than yesterday. Soon Dan and Rachel joined us, and Pierette went off in her taxi and we got in another with an Israeli chap called Aaron, who had spent 6 nights in Banlung doing nothing but eat and read! Our taxi left at 0815 and, joy of joys, it was just the four of us and the driver, who was a particularly careful driver.

After just one brief stop we got into Stung Treng at 11am. We were told we could get either a boat or a bus, the bus being cheaper. Aaron opted for the bus, but Dan fancied the boat as did I, so we decided to go for that. We were told it was just $12 to go all the way to Don Det, an island in South Laos. We were told the boat would be at 12 noon, then at 1pm sent down to the riverbank but the boatman decided to go off to the market. We had assumed that the boat would be a slow boat, but Dan spotted a crash helmet in one of the boats so we prayed it wouldn't be a speed boat.

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