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Blue Spotted Ray



Chad Korean from the Village. NY baby,


Trying to look at the map! Just kidding . .

The international sign for "where's the boat!"

Danielle from Melbourne


Drew fromn Washington,

Drew Again




Me going thru the swim thru


Our Nemo

Trigger fish, these guys get to about 3 feet and love to...

Our man Tristan

Irish vanessa

St. Patty's Day

This lovely beast is "Big Boat" our flagship vehicle.

Charlotte's Snorkel test, wearing a mask and snorkel you have to drink...

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Believe it or not I find myself, doing another Visa Run but this time I have added a small side trip to the Similan Islands with a few friends from Buddha. We are spending some time on a live aboard for 4 nights and will be cruising about the islands diving as much as possible, not to bad eh?

So it's been awhile since I have last updated the site and since then what has happened on the Island. . People have gone and moved on while others are stil finishing their DM course's (*me included) while others have moved on to their Instructors Courses. I am pretty sure I am the only DMT though who is not planning to work in the industry. But itis still a nice feeling to do something while I have been on the road, not that travelling itself is not doing something. With that said, I had origionally planned to be off the Island a week and a half ago and instead I find myself sill here and extending my stay atleast another week before I head back to BKK and then off to Cambodia. Part of this reason is that my new credit card has been taking months to get here. Visa Sucks.

Check back in a bit for the pictures from St. Paddy's day (yes there is a Irish Pub here) and also some clips of just basic lounging and daily life on the island. I have been here so long Thai's are starting to come up to me on the street and start talking Thai to me. . . it's time to gooooo! ;) But it feels good to stay and have time to actually hang out with some people beyond a couple of days running around.

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