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:) yeah so we made it! it's quite unbelievable to be here. such a unique place. and so much cooler than Asia, it's strange not to be sweaty. yeah i know, that's gross, sorry, but it's the truth.

i'd post pics but can't figure it out on this computer so just work with me here. today we went to the Melbourne Acquarium. We saw lots of tropical fish, like Nemo and Dora (or is it Doris... or Dori :) And red glow in the dark jellyfish, sharks, big sharks, sting rays, and the world's largest squid. It belongs in some weird sci-fi horror movie. It is 7 meters long with eye-balls as big as my hand including my fingers, yuk, but a very creative creature.

then we went to the city market but it was closing for the day so we'll head there tomorrow. we've been seeing athletes all over the town from all over the world. they are here for the commonwealth games which are this week.

yesterday josh and i discussed something interesting... "It's not even an option in their minds that we are not here to party our time away in bars getting drunk." That's sort of sad to me. The norm for backpackers all over the world is drinking and not remembering exactly what happened last night. Hmmm. Ok so of course not everyone spends their evenings that way, but the majority do, especailly lately it seems that way. I just sort of create my own little world in the midst of it all. Like in Ko Chang, when it got to be that time when everyone was just drinking away, I would be in my hamoc enjoying the beach, reading ... maybe that makes me a nerd but :) so be it. i love my life the way it is. :) just know that if you decide to go for a walkabout, most of you will not quite be in the majority.


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