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Children's Performance at the School for deaf children that is run by...

Receiving the services they need so that they can reach their potential...

So cute ... some of these are orphans but most are not....

Precious little Thai girls

It's awesome that these little girls have learned a way to communicate.


Thought you guys would be interested in seeing these pictures. Someone brought a deaf child to the Pattaya Orphanage sometime in the last 20 years and as a result, they started a school for poor deaf children who could not afford such services on their own. There's also a school hear for blind children. I was all teared up throughout the entire program. :)

Volunteers at the orphanage can also spend time with these children. For those of you who are young and trying to decide what to do with your life... you might want to consider volunteering somewhere like this in order to see some really amazing options that you have and could pursue.

Traveling in Asia has really taught me a lot about America. So often, we don't realize how blessed we are. That all changes when you meet people who would give anything to have the things that we so often take for granted. In this case, it's opportunity. In America, we have the No Child Left Behind Act which requires all children to receive the services that they need in order to learn and reach their full potential in life. That's not so in most parts of the world where many people with any sort of disability are still considered 'less intelligent.' They are looked down upon and most live their entire lives within the walls of their own homes feeling like a burden even on their own families. It's is incredible to see the work that this American has done in Thailand, offerring the services that so many people deserve but would do without if it weren't for his willingness to try and help. It all began just 30 years ago, and now 750 people live within the center.

At www.portionfororphans.org you can read more about the organization and how many of your personal donations were used to help out.

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