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The judges think that Emily and Marty Kelly Petersen are buttering them...

It's Marty's in the air

Jeremy Boland taking Hong Kong!

Jay Dorage trying to get some air on Stampede Pass

Rocky Louke showing us he really WAS gettin' some air

Beth 'n Rob Dilling--leaping and bounding over the mountains

Beth's hiking group trying to get everyone in the air at the...

Ben Evans gets all his groomsmen into the jumping spirit!

Lee and Norman Obando talk their friends Beth and Joe and their...

Snow's dad tries to find out if that blue sky is for...

Alec Louke showin' his air--the Louke boys were MADE for this contest!

Snow's sister Lee trying to reach the top of the pyramids in...

So, this may not be the moment you have all been waiting for as this does not reveal the results of our jumping contest. Those much awaited awards will be coming soon...I know, I know, we've said that before, but this time we mean it.

These are the final entries we received in the last couple weeks of the contest.

If you sent in a photo, please be sure to email us your mailing address. Fabulous prizes await you...those, too, will be sent soon. Indonesia is a mecca of T&T--we've found some gems for all of you who took our bait.

Feel free to send us your votes on any of the jumping pictures--remember, there are many more categories than just "Best Jumping Picture". If we think it's appropriate, or appropriately inappropriate we'll add your vote to ours.

Thanks to all of you intrepid jumpers who valiantly humored us in our attempt to at least entertain ourselves. We loved all the entries, even the that don't quite get off the group--maybe especially those, since we have plenty of squatting pictures ourselves. Hopefully some of you have been entertained as well. If you tried to take a jumping picture perhaps you have.

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