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it gently rocks me to sleep

i moved bungalows, but am still at the same establishment, if you can call it that. i bought a hammock, strung it up, and slept beautifully last night. im actually growing fond of the people there. the travelers, owners and people passing through treat the place like its home. a couple of the long term occupants are actually doing some landscaping to make it look better. our entertainment last night was something id not seen before. Reggae, the snake killing dog, had a bout with a 4 ft. long black cobra. she was impressive. well, they both were. reggae bobbed and wieved, dodging the cobras lightning fast strikes. it was quite acrobatic. when she saw the chance, she grabbed it in her mouth and shook it fiercely, even flinging it good distances a few times. this happened for about 20 minutes and the snake lost. it was a KO, a fight to the death. reggae, the snake-killin rasta mutt, came out on top. and we are all very thankful to her. after the win, she pranced around her trophy and then went to feed her three pups.

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