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chair for you?

...maybe im not so settled in. i came home last night bout 10:30 and found a new spider web in my dungeon shower. i looked at it close cause i think spiders are pretty. this one was shiny black with a lovely red hourglass shape on its rump. thats a black widow and they pack a punch. ok, i thought, she can live for tonite since i cant really see well enough in the dark to stomp her. i normally dont kill em, cause they kill mosquitos, but shes an acception. her execution was scheduled for the next morning at sunup. she musta packed up and left because shes gone. after being on full alert from the spider, i was uneasy about getting into bed. i feel asleep fast, sweating all the while because of the heat. i reached about phase 3 of sleep when something crawled up my leg. not cool. it was something heavy and clingy. this was no ant. i whimpered like a girly man and flung it across the room. i woke up FAST. how it got into the mosquito net ill never know. i think it was a lizard or a mouse. there was no going back to sleep after this. it was 3 am and i went outside to get fresh air. i came back in and heard some commotion in the thatch ceiling...rats. two of em, one brown and one white. they peek at me every now and then, and make chirping noises. sleeping has now become stressful.

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