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a wistful look...what a poser!!

In Pat O'briens

and there isnt even a statue in the grounds...!

Check us out with fancy cocktails!

So some of you have mentioned that you can tell exactly who is writing each particular entry. So today we have decided to play a game and we are going to swap and change all the way through! you have to guess who is speaking when......

Ok, quick question... do we have 'weirdos welcome' tattooed on our foreheads? or are there just a hell of a lot more of them in America? Last night we were walking along the street, minding our own business when stig of the dump comes over to talk to us. Of course he used the inevitable chat up line 'where are you lovely ladies from, i love your accent' and proceeded to beg us to go on a date with him. We lied a little bit and told him that we had boyfriends so he started asking us if we had any friends who might be available. He wanted us to fly home and get our friends and come back...loser! So anyway we gave him your number Frankers, so if a guy called Michael phones you can you tell him that next time he accosts 2 ladies in New Orleans can he do his flies up?????

Then we went to the 'world famous' pat o'briens cocktail bar (see attached photographic evidence!)and had a few cocktails to build ourselves up to go on our Ghost and Voodooo tour!

Which by the way was amazing! and talking of weirdos...only we could manage to go on a tour with a 6ft 5inch transexual and her/his 4ft balding boyfriend! they were actually really cute though, really touchy feely and loving and everything to the him/her was like 'totally fabulous'. Anyway the tour was run by a history professor who was probably the best story teller on the planet. He told us the usual gorey folklore but he told us this really grim story that happened in New Orleans 3 months ago. Apparently there is a really high population of vampire worshippers in this city (wheres buffy when you need her?) and they all hang about in the gothic bars with their filed teeth and white faces. everyone thought they were harmless until 90 days ago when a tourist who was staying in the big marriott hotel got talking to a group of 4 of them. he invited them back to a party in his room and when they got there the 4 vamps clubbed him to death with a hammer then slit his wrists and drank his blood...........eurgh! and if thats not enough gore.. they then cut out the massive tattoo that he had on his back and took it as a souvenir. The girl was arrested for the crime with the guys skin in her handbag!!!

moral of the story...dont party with vampires!

apologies for the gore...

today we have had a lazy day and as you can probably see have managed to put all our photos on the sight so have a look guys! went and had palm read by scary lady who talked too quick so couldnt really catch what she was saying then got fleeced for $3 by scary woman in the street who made me pay because she told me where i got my shoes.....punchline 'you got your shoes on the new orleans street right now'. Dont like all the scary people in New Orleans.

So tonight we are going to be lazy and do our laundry and give ourselves pedicures before visiting the zoo tomorrow.

will try and get online on sunday to let you know we're ok

take care

love em and vik x

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