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i may have found the cheapest place in town. but remember what i said in the last post...you get what you pay for. some people just need a place to keep their bags, a place to sleep at night. thats what i got, with a little more. for 100 baht ($2.50) per night, i have my own private place with an attatched bathroom AND running water. the shower even has a conveniently placed nail where i can hang my loofah. there are bugs around, and mice, but it would get lonely other wise. i had a roach jump on my face - and cling to me - last night while in the bar. its hard to be macho when things like this happen. i freaked out (a little bit) and flailed, but got it off my cheek. then regained my composure without too many people seeing me. back to the room. the bed is the most uncomfortable one ive ever slept on, inlcuding the ground. so im in the market for a hammock.

the atmosphere at "Reggae House" is a chill one, obviously. no one is in a hurry, ever. its not as busy as the more upscale places, which is nice. there are even puppies here. a nearby stray dog just had a litter of three. theyre at that adorable age when they still wonder around and bump into things. since theyre flea infested, its a good idea to pet them with a long stick and not get too close. coochie, coochie coo.

the beach is top-notch. man, is it nice - and right outside my door. the beaches here link together, so us scragly budget travelers can wonder down onto the resort beaches and pretend like we stay there, soaking up some a/c and looking at the rich folk. i wonder up and down the beach, frisbee in hand, looking for someone to play with. sometimes i score, sometimes i take the frisbee for a walk. either way, its a nice time.

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