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Appoaching the Main Gate

Before the Main Gate


Tourist Attraction

Exquistely Carved Sandstone Palace

Silver Elephant Howdah

Palace Interior

Gazing at the Blue City Below


Jodhpur from Above

Manning the Defences

Today we walked up the ancient steep worn stone road to the magnificent Fort. The fort is preched atop a huge rocky hill with sheer steep sides. It isn't surprusing that this formidable bastion was never captured in it's long history, though many tried. Inside the palaces were amazing, especially the carved stone detail work. And the view down to the Old City far below was excellent.

It was extraordinarily hot today. Up to 40C. We cooled off in the shade of a rooftop restaurant at about 37C upon returning to the guesthouse and then headed downstairs for the AC in our room for a bit. We were planning to watch the sunset over the fort from the rooftop but missed it as it sets about an hour early due to the incredible height of the Fort. Perhaps tomorrow.

We had the AC on again in the evening but turned it off because it was a little too powerful and we were getting chilly. I then checked the thermometer and discovered it had dropped all the way to a frigid 27C. Apparently we have aclimatized. Winter in Canada is going to be interesting.

Cheers to all who are enjoying slightly more moderate climes.


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