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the French Quarter

any similarities with Faliraki...?

Howdy y'all from the big easy (and no im not talking about us, thats New Orleans nickname!) and boy is life here easy. No mental yellow cabs, no subway with lurking perverts and no scary high buildings for miss scaredy cat. plus the hostel is rat and cockroach free, although we did have hysterics at the gigantic cockroaches in the bar last night (emma says they were babies compared to ones she has seen but im not convinced..) In fact our hostel is almost devoid of any lifeform apart from ourselves. We have got a 8 bed dorm to ourselves.... we feel like we are in the Ritz!

have done no touristy stuff whatsoever yet (and yes we have been here for 2 days), we are experiencing local life instead. ie, cocktails called 'hand grenades'which blow your head off, lots of seafood and loads of sailors. ok we havent actually experienced the sailors, need to make that one blatantly clear.... we were just talking honest! all you english girlies reading this.. the accent works wonders! i think we sound like julie andrews in Mary Poppins but apparently Mary poppins is sexy over here! however if we hear the sentence 'your accent is like soooooooooo cool' once more i think we might go mad, its not so much fun when its gimps or 12yr old boys saying it!

So as we are feeling guilty for going out all night and sleeping all day we have decided to go on the Mississippi river cruise today and go see the swamp/crocs at the zoo. Personally i wanted to go on a canoe down the actual real swamp but again miss brassy was too chicken so we are going to visit them at the zoo. (actually thats not strictly true...i wasnt scared at all vikki...i told you for $50 i could dig a hole add some water and muddy it up and push you around in it...same effect!!!) Then tonight we are going on a 'Ghosts, witches and voodoo' tour of the town. This town is really haunted apparently..wicks! tomorrow we are going to go to the voodoo temples & shops and do all the psychic stuff. If any of you have any requests for voodoo dolls of people, or spell books, get those requests in fast!

hope everyone is well and missing us loads! will write again soon if of course we make it back from the ghost tour....wooooooooooooooooooooooo! (supposed to be a scary ghost noise but not sure how to spell it, use your imagination people!)

love you all V&E x x x x x

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