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yesterday, i met up with a swedish friend of mine, andreas (half swedish, half thai), who i met on the trip. we got on a boat to a nearby beach in search for a cheap place to sleep, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. we found a place. we got a boat to rai leh beach, then walked to ton sai beach, a cheaper, less developed rock climbers hangout, to save ourselves another 3 dollar boat ride. the hike was kinda sketchy, but fun. ton sai is only accessible by boat, along with the other beaches that are within walking distance. there must be 5 or 6 of them, all separated by tropical jungle.

we're staying in a decent place. theres no running water, electricity a couple hours per day and lots of noise from the parties everywhere - but its 2 bucks a night, so i can deal. the area we're in is notorious for great rock climbing. almost everywhere you look, you can find some yahoo clinging to the limestone cliffs high above you. theyre fun to watch. we'll be here for four nights, then its on to somewhere else.

internet use is pricey here, so dont expect too many updates until i get to a cheaper place. i wish every single one of you could join me.

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