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Sunset over Kata Tjuta

Sunset at Uluru

Sunset at Uluru with most of the group, flies included!

Sunrise at Uluru

Sunrisen at Uluru

Wild camel

Climbing Kata Tjuta (The Olgers)

Our highest point at Kata Tjuta

Soooo many flies....not a new religion!

Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta with Amanda and Ian

Pretty dry

Uluru (aka Ayers Rock)

Wave formation in Uluru

Side view of wave, not red as iron not oxidised as protected...

Red glow

The true red of the famous Uluru

Sunset at Uluru: day 2

Sun almost gone

Group shot infront of Uluru after sunset!

Anna and Angelique at base of Uluru

Kings Canyon early morning

Jas, our fab Tour Guide, explaining Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon walk

Not brave enough to get too close to the edge...long way down!

Me - morning rest, enjoying the colour changes!

Kings Canyon

Steep sided canyon walls

Layered rock formation

Pancake rocks

Sheer rock face

On the edge...

...still taking up too much room

Jamie and Carolin enjoying the view

Dinky, the singing Dingo

3 days and 3 big blocks of different shaped red rock to see: Uluru (aka Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (aka The Ulgers) and Kings Canyon. Also 3 mornings rising before the sun to watch the sun rise over them. As it turned out the sunsets were better with more contrasting colours.

First sunset over Uluru we saw from a viewpoint at the campsite (we slept in swags i.e. semi-waterproof sleeping bags with a little mattress in them) so just a select group congregated. The following evening was tourist-tastic at the official viewing point where all the tours turn up, drink champagne and make a lot of noise!

The best view of Uluru was during our walk around the 12Km base. An early morning start meant missing most of the main heat and some of the flies. The rock really shone red here due to the oxidation of the iron particles in the rock. Because the rock contains these iron particles it acts in a similar manner to steel reinforced concrete, and where it is red each iron particle increases 10 times in size, causing growth of the rock and subsequent raising of the top oxidized layer off the main rock. This gives a peeled onion look under which the rock is a normal grey colour.

Kata Tjuta is a series of 36 round red rocks and in many respects much more interesting to look at than Uluru. Here we did a guided walk called Valley of the Winds, climbing up between the rocks where the wind is channeled. According to Aboriginal stories, each rock represents a head.

Kings Canyon was spectacular and after an initial steep climb we clambered along the rim of the canyon, enjoying views for miles. The rock was formed in many clearly defined layers, there were sandstone domes of the Lost City and the sheer drop into the centre was very dramatic. To cool down a little we took a dip in the Garden of Eden pool and were able to swim though it, climb some rocks and get another fantastic view away from the crowds of others.

The journey to Alice was uneventful - just stopping at a road-side café to watch Dinkie the Dingo singing (howling) to the piano. Apparently he is an international star as a result, and there is even a Trivial Pursuit question referring to him.

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