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Starting off...

Looking unsteady...

Getting there as I hit the beach!

No surprise!!

Riding the wave

Think I'm flying rather than surfing...?

Lesson on the beach

An hour and a half north of Perth lies the small town of Lancelin, almost impossible to access via public transport!

Here I spent 2 days at Surf Camp!! And it was brilliant, and I think I was too!

An early morning start and a quick shore lesson on how to do it, surf safety etc and a rude awakening by a battering by the waves. Day 1 being a Sunday, was busy with everyone taking advantage of the beautiful weather over the weekend, so great care had to be taken not to ride straight into some poor unsuspecting beginner! As a beginner myself I was extremely chuffed to stand on my first attempt - beginner's luck, however, it didn't happen each time!! 4 hours later and I was well and truly ready for lunch and to relax with my book in the sun. Turns out only 6 of us were staying overnight at the Surfers' Beach House so it was extremely chilled. We watched lots of surf DVD's and got extremely inspired and enjoyed dinner together with a bottle of wine (absolutely deserved it!).

Next day, Donald and I being the only Day 2 people, joined the Day 3 lesson (also fine as red hot on the board by then!). My 8 foot 2 Stingray board got down-scaled by a hugely impressive 2 inches, but this board was much lighter and easier to move, although my weight had to be positioned slightly better.

Due to super-speedy progress we advanced to the Day 4 lesson and paddled "out the back" (behind the breaking surf) to take on the unbroken wave. On the way I was battling on-coming waves and turtle-rolling to avoid being forced back into shore....pure determination got me there....others arrived about 20 mins later totally shattered. I only had one attempt to catch the unbroken wave, and with only a little help from the coach, i.e. a massive push-off, I surfed all the way into the shore - chuffed? Sure was!

Hoping to do some more surfing and perfect my style on Bondi Beach in March!

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