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This wonderful ship was our bed for the night

on the roof

Irish John, Venessa and Charlette

Our visa boat

Other peoples visa boat





This is Thai immagrations on the river


So did my first Visa Run and to be honest with you it was nice to do it with a few others from Buddha but it has left me feeling a bit out of it since I haven't really slept in about 48 hr's except for a little bit here and there in transit.

So what is a Visa Run? It's like that Taco Bell commercial where you run to the boarder but instead of ordering a Chalupa you go to Burma/Myrnmar for a minute (ok actually about 10-15) so that you have technically left the country once your tourist visa has expired so that you can stay in Thailand for another 30 days. It's amazing how quickly 30 days goes also. But this is the cheapest way to leave the country. It usually includes a boat, then a bus/van/taxi, another boat and then back on the little boat, van/taxi/bus to immigration and then another few hours by land back to another boat to take you back to the island. The whole thing takes less then 20 hrs but it leaves a bit exhausted.

It used to be that you could just find a reputable travel agent and just give them your passport and they would do it for you. As it is now you give your passport to one of the guys who works for whoever is taking you to the boarder and they take it to the office and get it all stamped and everything for you while you go and get cheap booze and cigarettes. Not me of course. . .

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