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All those little black blobs are oil. Who knew? It must have...

Little, Andy, Drew and you know who

So classes were cancelled today so that we could respond to a oil spill on the other side of the island and help save the world. I was thinking someone should paint a "S" on my chest, but as one of the lads were saying we were doing it for the karma points and since we are all far from home a little extra good will never hurts!

Although the "spill" was a bit over exaggerated by the girl Gigi who spread the word thru the dive shops I was impressed by the response as most of the shops sent as many people as possible. Since this was my first oil spill I was thinking that it would be full of oil slicks and dead and dying animals. You know, birds going caw, caw and fish flopping about on the beach. It wasn't quite like that. . . it was more like little globs of oil and sand clumped together on and in the sand. Actually some of it looked a lot like pooh and since there were a mad amount of dogs running around the beach there were times I really started to wonder what I was picking up. One point that I noticed was the fact that even though there were about 30 of us on the beach cleaning up and we were getting free food and water from one of the Thai owned dive shops there were only two Thai's helping to clean up the spill. Hhhmm if your income is based on the environment it would be in your best interests to get on the good foot and help clean up your property. Everybody else just stood around and did what they would do everyday if there wasn't oil spilled on their beach, as little as possible.

But with all that said and once I got over the fact that the Thai's weren't going to help us besides feeding us it was actually pretty fun at the end. A bit of a bonding moment you could say.

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