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we arrived in thailands capital this morning at 4 am. after going through cutoms and immigration, i had a croissanwich from the airport burger king. it was very tasty. we checked into a pretty cool, quiet place for the night, and will be moving on tomorrow. niether i nor sally is interested in seeing much of the city, at least not now. there will be a chance for that towards the end of the thailand leg if decide to do it.

sally will head south and east to the orphanage at pattaya, and ill head south and west down the peninsula. ive thought alot about it and decided not to volunteer at this orphanage. our role there would be limited because of the short length of our stay. its a very established organization that has a lot to teach someone who wants to learn about how an orphanage is run. this is a great advantage to being there if that is something youd like to do. but its not me, i have exploring to do. there are things in thailand that need to be discovered. and who will do it if i dont? someone has to.

this site wont allow two paths to be tracked across the map, so youll be looking at the path that i take. sally will be in the city of Pattaya, southeast of bangkok. stop worrying, she'll keep you up to date, like she always does, on whats going on with the kids. whatever plans i have are mostly in the form of ideas at this point. but i will head south and see whats going on there.

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