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Gareth spots Minnie Mouse and goes in for the kill!

Helen hangs out with the Disney gang...

Helen with Mickey... who was on a tight schedule!!

What a swizz!! The castle is coverered whilst a refurb takes place!...

Helen is very excited whilst waiting for the Disney Parade!

The Disney Main Street just before the parade

Helen hanging out with a random Indian type thing...

The fairy Godmother... ahhhh bless!

One of the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty... So I've been told...!

Hmmm. A large swan.

One of the seven dwarfs... we think Happy??!!?

Ahhh Choo! Bless you Sneazy!

Another random dwarf, looking a bit lost...

The Little Mermaid blows Gareth a kiss!

More bizaare disneyesque types...

Hey Baloo!! From the Jungle Book

Simba from The Lion King. Gareth is on a learning curve by...

Tarzan. Not exactly massive is he? Gareth already knew who he was...

Yo Donald!! Gareth gets a "Hi Five" straight from Donald Duck. It...

Hi guys!

Gareth had issues with Mickey's ego.

It's Mickey!!! Oh no. It's not. It's just Gareth being a twat.

...and again... STOP GOOFING AROUND!!

Gareth finally meets Mickey!


Today we went to Disneyland! As you may know it's not fully Gareth's cup of tea but he always promised Helen that we'd go!!

Well. It was both good and bad...

We got a joint ticket for Disneyland and Disney's Californian Adventure. The ticket cost $79 each, which is the best part of 90 quid for the both of us to go. It wasn't the price that cheesed Gareth off... it was the fact that half the rides were closed for refurbishment for next year because it was 'off-season'.

The thing is... it went from being a swizz to an all out farce when we got to the main Disney castle thing and it was covered in Scafolding and draped with cloth with a big sign saying "See the new Castle in 2005!" There were other things closed or shut too - not good when you pay that much.

Gareth nearly had to have a few words with Mickey Mouse - but even he was too busy!! We waited in a queue for Mickey for 10 mins. We took a photo of Helen with Mickey, then his PA - YES!!!! PA! said "Come on Mickey, you've got an appointment in 10 mins!!"



When we went over the road to The Californian Adventure, that more than made up for it. It was excellent there. We had a great time and went on all the rides, which truly are world class! In the evening we went back to Disneyland and saw the parade which was great too. We stayed all day and left at 10pm! So it couldn't have been that bad! The day was finished off with fireworks over the scafolding and a random doughnut that was shaped like a 2 foot long stick. Very tasty though. hmm.

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