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pretty sunset from the top of the empire state building

don't look down!!

proof of how high it was!

boring scenery #2

facing my fear!

yo yo yo

So where did we leave you? Umm i think we were just off to see 'Phantom' on Broadway...was so so fabulous - me and vik were singing along at the top of our voices..even to the songs we didnt know (martin you would have LOVED it!!)

Sunday was spend in proper New York/SATC fashion...slept late and wandered across to Central Park to go to the Metropolitan Museum (yes we were doing the culture thing!). Some of the exhibits there were fav was the Eygptian period, there were mummys there which has been found from around 2000BC!!! (apparently there were actual people in them but i'm a little sceptical! -look like paper mache to me!!) We went into some eygptian King's tomb too(luckily they werent still in it-would have been a bit cramped otherwise!) they'd labelled every single brick when they found them so that they could rebuild it exaclty how it was found. We saw loads of famous paintings...although i think i could have painted better myself (some of them were just a load of little dots...that Monet bloke was onto a winner there huh??!!!) ...oh and there was a load of modern art too -seriously...i KNOW i could have done better than that...what is modern society coming to??? We really wanted to see the costume exhibition...alsorts of clothes from all through history, but it was closed (quite lucky really coz if we'd have gone we probably would have got chucked out for trying them all on anyway!!!)

After a lovely lunch in the museum cafe we took a stroll through the park and decided to sit and read for a while...was a beautiful afternoon so sat for about 4 hrs in silence...i know an unbelievable thing for vikki to be able to do but somehow she managed it!!!

Finished of the day with a chai tea latte in starbucks (yum yum like christams in a cup!) as it had got a little chilly in the park and we needed warming up.

Today we have shopped til we dropped (again) this time the location...'Macy's' and we though bloomingdales was good!!!! Think we may have blown our budget once again but we really really NEEDED everything we bought...only problem now is trying to fit it all in our rucksacks!!!

And our last touristy event was the Empire State Building...well all i can say is for the one and only time in my life i felt tall!!! I didnt really like it much coz i kept thinking i was gonna fall off...but vik was having a whale of a time leaning right over to get the best pics!!!! (nutter) Talking of Photos we still havent worked out how to download them...think the USA has made us thick! As soon as we do you'll get to see them (hopefully not too boring...although its been vikkis job to take the digital photos...and from what i can see they're all of scenery -yawn yawn...ok ok its just coz i wanted them all to be of me!!!! They great and we'll put them on soon!

Hope everyone is well...thanks for all the emails!

Love and kisses

E & V xxx

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