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Korina mucking about @ Borough markets

Me & Korina in the box

Korina @ the concert

The concert hall 1

The performers 1

1770 graffiti

The concert hall 2

The giant organ

Me and the giant organ

The performers 2

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Vivaldi concert

One of the best things about London is the amount of stuff there is to do all the time. We didn't have any plans this Saturday so we decided to go to a classical music concert (mostly Vivaldi) in an old concert hall. We paid a little extra and got a box to ourselves which was pretty cool.

Although I'm not a massive classical music freak, was pretty fun evening. It was also interesting to take a look around the concert hall and read the graffiti from 1770 (which just happens to be pretty close to the date of the music we were listening to).

Other highlights from the weekend included going for a beer before the concert, only to find out that the establishment that we have chosen across from the concert hall was actually a gay-bar. The locals were happy to point me in the direction of the bathroom, their eagerness was quite disturbing in hind sight.

We also went to Borough markets - lots of nice food for Korina, but in the weekends the crowds are so intense that you can't actually buy anything unless you get there at the crack of dawn. So we had to contend ourselves with just looking which was a bit of a bugger.

There was also a massive Islamic protest in trafalgar square about the Danish cartoons. Whilst I can understand that they might find the cartoons to be insulting, I struggle to see why they can take out their anger on all non-Islamic people. I for one find there to be lots of insulting material in the media (if only insulting your intelligence), particularly in the UK, but ultimately, to expect that the respective Governments can control the media spectacularly misunderstands what I consider to be the underpinning fundamental of a democratic society with free speech. Ultimately, my opinion is that if you don't agree with what's in the media, that's fine - don't buy the relevant paper or watch the offending tv station...

...anyway, this is my rant page, so I guess I might as well rant away...

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