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Katie, Martin, Korina and me at the West Ham game

Katie, Martin and Korina at the West Ham game

Team line up

West ham game 1

Hand bags @ 10 o'clock

West ham game 2

West ham game 3

West ham game 4

West ham game 5

West ham game 6

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Strange bubbles song 1

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Team line up

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Strange bubbles song 2

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West ham game 3

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Half time 'entertainment'

Although neither Korina or myself are huge football fans, we thought that it would be wrong ti live in England without having attended at least one match. We went to see West Ham - who have only recently been repromoted to the Premiership and are not really one of the superclubs. They are, however, Martin's team of choice - so we considered that attending with an actual fan would be a good way to go. It was also a match of some importance, as winning would lift West Ham to 6th in the table, and mean that the chance of European football (and hence extra £) next season was much improved.

The opposition were Birmingham, who have basically been terrible this season, so the chances were high that we would see a home victory. Two goals in the 1st half and a third in the second ended what was really a pretty one-sided affair.

We did enjoy the football, but the highlight was probably the crowd. Not sure what the significance of the 'forever blowing bubbles' song was, but it seemed a particularly unmanly theme song for a football club to have!

The crowd also sung various songs taking the mickey out of the opposition, including 'Hussey, Hussey what's the score?' - when Birmingham were 3-0 down and really not looking like scoring.

I guess the amusement for the night was completed by the random middle aged lady who walked down the aisle next to us and promptly threw up on herself. Random. That and the horse mounted police, whose steads had plastic eye protectors (honestly, who tries to eye-gouge a horse anyway!?).

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