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palolem beach

sally is happy

Goa is a small sate in india, tiny. but its known for one thing, its beaches. we came here for that reason. we have found a beach and our plan is to sit on it. thats it. thats our plan. the plan may involve the occasional walking down the beach, throwing of the frisbee or drinking a froo-frooey umbrella drink. but be sure all will be done without a shirt or shoes. im actually in the internet cafe right now without a shirt or shoes. i wreak of sunscreen and sweat and have sandy feet and its everything i hoped it could be.

the beach we're at, palolem, is a perfect crescent-shaped masterpiece backed by palm trees, bamboo beach huts and restaurants. we're staying in one of these huts at a spendy 3 bucks per night. i know, i know, we shouldnt splurge like that, but it was the only thing available. there is no a/c, but its not necessary. the weather is warm by day and cool at night...perfect. we are eating well, feeling well (except sallys occasional upset stomach) and i think im drinking at least a gallon of water per day. the body is happy.

so, it seems like paradise; as much as there can be paradise on earth. but since its paradise, it will be easier to lose sight of whats important - Christ. its his beach, afterall. thanks for all of your prayers for good health. they were very effective. we are feeling no pain, i promise. maybe now a couple of you would like to trade places.

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