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Rocks at Spitzkopfe

Enjoying a nice cuppa java

This morning Sarita and I climbed up part of the granite mountain of the Spitzkoppe to view the sunrise. It was rather higher and steeper than we had originally estimated and Sarita decided to stop about halfway up. I continued to the top, being careful of the hollows and overhangs for snakes; cobras are known to live in the area. The top was glorious as I reached the peak just in time to see the sun clear the mountain east of us. I took a number of photos and enjoyed a little rest and then descended, collecting Sarita on the way down.

It was a two hour drive to Swakopmund, which is a very quaint and relaxed town with a strong German influence. Sarita and I have a nice room with a bath, we took no time getting settled, I had a much-needed shower and we went to look around and investigate to town. After getting some money I bought a book called 'the sheltering desert' about two german geologists escaping from WW II into the Namib desert. I then left Sarita shopping for jeans and walked around a little then settled at a friendly looking coffee shop 'out of Africa' and had a latte and decadent apple crumble.

This evening we attended a presentation of several activities such as sand-boarding, skydiving, quad-biking etc. I've decided on the sand-boarding, dune buggies with Sarita and maybe the township tour.. Sarita's opting out of sandboarding.

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