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Evan, wating at the airport for his mom and sister.


Jessica, Evan and Fran in the kitchen.

*The family with our plane in the background

Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance - Evan took this on the plane.

*Jessica and Fran on the plane.

*Me on the plane. I look a little loopy from the dramamine,...

Evan in the van from the airport to Turtle Bay.

Baobab tree. I love these trees.

The sign at the entrance.


Evan, checking in.

*Us at check-in. We had to fill out forms and get our...


View from our balcony.

Evan talking to someone about work.

The room.

Pretty tree outside our room.

Evan at lunch.

Fran at lunch.

*Cool thatched roof over the buffet dining area.

One end of the pool. That's the lunch area behind it.

Other end of the pool. The white building behind is where our...

The tide is out - the coral is exposed.



Evan and the coral. And the guy who directed us to the...


That's our resort - taken from the coral fields.



My coworker's family.

Pizza garden - we had lunch here on Sunday. Pretty tasty.

*Me, almost flipping over the head of the camel.

*Our camel ride got a bit of a following. The kids later...

Me on a camel!

View from the camel.

Evan from the camel.

Evan on the camel.

Evan on the camel.

Evan on the camel.

Evan on the camel in the water.


Me and the camel.

He gets a snack for being good.

Me, after the awesome camel experience.

Swarmed by kids.

*The boys, posing.

*Two of the boys. Unfortunately, I don't remember what their names were.

View from the lounge/bar area.

*Fran and Evan having drinks.

Beach at dusk.

*Hanging out on the beach at dusk.

Evan and Fran.

*Kiosks selling misc. African crafts.

*Fran and Evan.

*Jessica and Evan.

*Me and Jessica.

*The crabs are coming!!

*Crab people. Crab people.

*Fran at dinner.

*Jessica at dinner. Our table was right at the edge of the...

*Limbo! (sorry about the blur)

Evan and a crab regard each other.

*Us on the boat to snorkeling.

*Fran and Jessica on the boat.

*Climbing up to the roof of the boat.

*Evan on the roof.

*Many boats at the snorkeling site.

*Us in the water. See my floaty ring?


*Fran and Evan. Or is it two dead snorkelers?

*Heading back. That's Evan in the green "skirt" or kikoy.

*Evan and Captain John on the sandbar.

Feeding fish while waiting for lunch at the pizza garden.

*The family on the sandbar.

Evan has a camel leather overnight bag that is the same color...

Me, looking a little pink. And sweaty.

Fran, lounging on the beach chairs.


Dusk view of pool and buffet area.

*Choir that sang before dinner.

*Watching the choir.

*Fran at fancy dinner.

*Evan at fancy dinner.

*Jessica at fancy dinner.

*Me at fancy dinner - my head looks really big.

Action shot - packing on Monday.

*Fran and coffee on Monday morning.

*Jessica and cool scenery.

*Closer picture of the kiosks selling crafts.

One of the thatched roof huts that lined the road between the...

Palm trees.

*Jessica at the airport, heading back to Nairobi.

*Evan, waiting for our plane.

The plane on which we flew.

*This picture makes me giggle.

We headed to the airport early on Saturday. It was a pleasant drive. I was a bit worried about the size of the plane but it turned out to be a full sized jet so everything was ok. Although it still was a bit bumpy during landing. But there was no vomit.

We arrived at the little Malindi airport. As we exited the plane we were smacked in the face by a stifling humidity. It was hot and muggy. Not as bad as Lamu last year, but pretty close.

There was about a 40 minute drive through scenery and picturesque small villages. We arrived at the resort, ready to start our relaxation. We checked in, got our green wristbands, and headed to the rooms. It was lunch time, so we dropped our stuff and went to the poolside buffet. It was pretty tasty. And I started my diet of pina coladas. I would have several before the weekend ended.

From lunch, we walked down the beach. Fran did a little shopping at a kiosk set up at the end of the beach. Jessica, Evan and I did some perusing. We did locate a plaque on the wall with the name of one of my coworkers and her family. When you come to Turtle Bay 4 times, you get a plaque on the wall. Kinda fun.

When we got back near our resort, Evan rented us a camel. I went first. It was so much fun. A little scary - it's a long way down from the top of a camel. Actually, the scariest part was when the camel stood up. He sits down for you to climb on his back. And he stands up butt first - so you feel like you are gonna pitch forward over the camels head.

The camel ride was awesome.

After the ride, we dawdled on the beach at dusk. It was a lovely sunset. And as the sun went down the crabs came out. They burrowed into the sand during the day, but at night they scamper all over the beach. They were closing in on us from both sides.

I was just afraid that one would burrow out from the sand on which I was standing.

After sunset, we went back for showers before dinner. Our dinner the first night was at the buffet restaurant. They set up tables right next to the pool with candles. It was very pretty. The food was good also. There were some really tasty parsley potatoes! After dinner, there was a performance by three guys - acrobats. They juggled, flipped, walked a tightrope, limbo'd

, and the one really bendy guy put himself through a lampshade in a variety of ways.

After all the performances, Jessica, Evan and I competed in trivia contest (Fran was very tired and went to bed). We didn't do that well. Kinda disappointing.

On the way back to the room, Evan and I noticed a crab caught in the wading pool. Since there was no way out for him, I made Evan fish him out with a big net on a pole that was lying around. So we saved him from the little pool, and as soon he hit the ground, he ran straight into the big pool. So it was back to the net. We got him out of the big pool (a little more difficult than the little one) and he almost ran into the wading pool again. But we managed to herd him away and to freedom.

The next morning, Fran and Jessica were up and reserving beach chairs before Evan and I even awoke. We ran into them when we headed down. They were just starting breakfast, so joined them. After breakfast, we wanted to find out about snorkeling. I had never snorkeled before and that was one of the main things I wanted to do. We finally got it arranged and headed out. It was a small ride on the boat to the snorkel site. It was a little scary at first - I swallowed a fair bit of sea water until I got the hang of breathing with the snorkel. I also spent the whole time hanging onto a floaty ring. I just felt like I would sink if I let go. Fran was not sure if she was going to join us but she did eventually dive right in.

The snorkeling was awesome. We saw some really cool fish. I think Dory from Finding Nemo swam by several times. There were lots of little striped fish, big fish, rainbow fish, iridescent fish. I had a waterproof camera which I unsuccessfully tried to take a couple of pictures. Evan and mostly Jessica took the underwater shots (it has not been developed yet. As soon as I get them pics I will post them!)

After snorkeling for a while, we headed back. On our way, we took a detour to a sand bar. The tide was heading out, so we wandered around on it for a while. It was very scenic.

Once we got back, it was time for showers and lunch (I don't remember which order). Lunch was pizza for us and hard bread for the fish in the nearby water feature.

Relaxed after lunch. Evan and I tried to rent a pedal boat, but it was too late. We went into to water (Indian Ocean). I started to get seasick from the waves and was afraid of being bitten by an eel so I didn't swim long. We also went in the pool for a bit.

We had reservations for dinner at a fancy restaurant for dinner. The waiter put is near an open window for a nice breeze. It was tasty. And very filling. I think I was full after the soup. We called it a night after dinner.

The next morning we headed home. Fran and Jessica were up early to shop and take photos. Evan and I got up for breakfast and departure.

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