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The sun is out and it's time to teach Margie the subtle arts of camping ... but not until we've had some breakfast and a decent coffee. Wander around Apollo Bay for the morning and to Stu's deep distress add to my collection of Viet Fisherman's pants, that I've deemed are the only appropriate wear for travelling.

Once we've done the obligatory food/water/beer/petrol shop, we head towards Cape Otway National Park, which sounds fabulous and we suspect is sure to be packed at this time of year. Sure enough, we're out of luck on the ocean side spots, but we do find a campsite at Aire River. It's not the most secluded campsite in the world, but then this is the summer holidays so we don't expect too much, and it is a pretty pleasant bush camp.

Best of all, the locals of the area are in residence. There are wild koalas up in the trees, just hanging out and looking stoned. That is until night falls and they get a bit amorous... the mating call of the koala does not sound like it emanates from the cuddly bear you see on postcards. We're pretty chuffed to see them in the wild and they seem pretty uninterested in all the humans interested in them.

Mum acquits herself with style when presented with the various camping challenges of setting up, pit loos and limited privacy. Of course she gets penthouse accommodation with me, while Stu is relegated to the ground tent, so she's not had too do it too hard at all. Next time we'll make her dig her own loo ;).

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