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The Great Ocean Road is definitely all it's cracked up to be ... the road hugs the coast and is just spectacular. It's windy and narrow and you have to continually fight the temptation to take your eyes off the road.

The weather however isn't spectacular, but it could be worse, and we spend a very pleasant morning walking through the bushland at Angahook-Lorne State Park near the town. Nixy is getting a bit 4wd mad, and every time he sees a track we have to take it, so we also spend a bit of time bushbashing around in the park.

Was looking forward to visiting Lorne - had visualised it as a picturesque seaside town with little white buildings. I'm guessing that visiting in the height of the school holidays isn't ideal, but it leaves me a bit cold. It's very crowded, full of stroppy teenagers and flies. Best to push on.

On the basis of last night's success in finding a bed in a smaller sized town, we head to Wye River to see if we can find somewhere to stay for the night. The drive along the coast continues to be absolutely amazing - you can see why this is one of the key attractions in Victoria. Unfortunately the pub that overlooks the beach at Wye River is chockers, as is the caravan park. There's nothing for it but to push on to Apollo Bay.

Luckily Apollo Bay is everything that Lorne isn't - it is just charming. The town stretches around Apollo Bay itself and is surrounded by rolling, green hills and farmland. It's the kind of town you can see people flocking to for a "seachange", which would be a pity, as I suspect that its those folks who end up changing the nature of towns like this.

Lucky to find both a hotel room and some surf. Stu manages to find some decent waves at Skene's Creek, just outside Apollo Bay, so everyone's happy.

Dinner and a few quiet ones at the pub, then it's off to check out the Carnival that has set up by the main beach - seems to be a fixture in Victorian seaside towns in the school holidays. Stu gets involved in some sideshow alley shenanigans and wins Homer, a new boyfriend for Mum to share the backseat with.

End the day thinking that relocating to Apollo Bay wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

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