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Port of Mae Hed

Main street of Mae Hed

This one of two paved roads on the island, this one runs...

Coming back every day, although some days are nicer then others. .

Dam the Man on Big Boat 1, actually Dam is his name.

The all important bellif your getting your but whopped!


Jr fighter wainting his turn in the ring.




Hhhmmm, so back on Kho Tao to finish what I started in November. Part of me was thinking that it would be better off to just skip coming back and keep on the road as I am feeling that I am running out of time.

6 months to go and in that time I'll be spending about a month on Kho Tao (specially since I just paid for a place for the month, $5 a day. It's up on a hill, the walk sucks but the view is nice) and then I am going to try to hit up Cambodia/Vietnam and maybe Laos. Or some combination of the three. That put's me in Africa/Egypt now at sometime in April and Europe if I am lucky sometime in May.

- So I realize that some of you are probably thinking about," Oh how bad, just Africa and Egypt". But it's a big world and I feel that this is going to be my last chance to see as much of it as possible.-

But the other part of me needs to finish what I started so hence I am back. This will probably be the end of the updates for awhile since I'll be pretty much diving for the rest of month. Maybe check in for some new rant's, raves or just some occasional thought's


* there is a three legged dog (Tripod) at the Tropicana, the place I was staying at before I moved here, SO what leg does he lift when he has to go?

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