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after standing in line for tickets in the rain!!

the phantom of the opera is there...inside your mind!


So today when we woke up we felt like we were back at home...yes it was peeing it down with rain!!!!

Decided to get the tube downtown to ground Zero...but unfortunately found that the tube station was shut for some reason (maybe the dreaded 'flasher' had struck again...i dunno!!!) Ended up walking a million blocks and then dediced that walkings not for us so hailed a yellow cab to Time Square!!

Got the tube from there to Ground Zero...what a strange place, even being 4 blocks away from the site we were able to see the devastation that was caused...all of the surrounding buildings were at least singed if not half falling was eerie because the whole area was so quiet compared to the rest of the city...they've started building work there which apparently will be completed in 2009...and according to the tour guide from the circle line tour...these buildings are gonna be even bigger that the first ones...that what i love about the can never keep 'em down for too long!

We found the Church where all of the construction workers, firemen and volunteers found was literally metres away from where the twin towers strange to think that it wasnt even touched by the bombings...inside there was an exhibition for 9/11 and its not until you go in there and read all about it...with the photos of people who died, letters from vicitm's families and well wishes that you realise the enormity of what happened. Not the pleasantest of experiences but we're so glad we went.

After that slightly morbid experience we decided to stand in the pouring rain for hours!!!! (ok i'm exagerrating slightly....vikki stood in the rain and i went and sat in McDonalds with a warm coffee!!!!) -The reason for this madness...we were queuing for 1/2 price tickets to a Broadway show...we're really excited coz we've got ticets to see Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!! We're so cultured!! -so much so that we're thinking about going to Museam Mile that one will pan out i'm not sure...but its the thought that counts!!!!

So this is us signing out for another day..we're off to fall in love with the bright lights of the big city...and maybe sing along to a few of the numbers (but with vikkis singing i think we may get chucked i'll probably just gag her and sing myself!!!)

Love to everyone

Emma and Vik

ps...went to Bubba Gumps shrimp restaurant last night and ate every kind of shrimp imaginable...fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, shrimp soup shrimp salad, shirmp sandwich, shrimp with fries shrimp with...well yu get the picture!!!! The waiter was English...we always find the English people...or they find us!! Vikki really fancied him (i wasnt quite sure...her taste gets worse and worse!!!)

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