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sooo sex and the city!

5th Avenue (who can spot the empire state building in the background?)

Time Square

Oh my god, we are truly in NY city. This morning us innocent young ladies got on the subway to head down to bloomies and there we were standing around minding our own business when we notice a lady making frantic eye gestures at us. She was trying to get us to notice a bloke stood in the corner of the carriage....why? because he was stood there with his 'thingy' in his hand waving it in some poor womans face. the woman had her eyes closed so didnt know what was going on... then she opened her eyes and starting screaming very 'ny' abuse at him.. he wasnt even ashamed just smirked and got off at the next stop.

things like that do not happen in stratford!

but hey thats why we're here isnt it?

decided to calm ourselves down with some retail therapy in bloomingdales... which is completely fab btw.. everyone is sooo friendly and love our english accent. Ok they were trying to get us to buy stuff but they were still super friendly. Dont worry we didnt buy much just juicy tubes as a girl can never have too many of those and they were really cheap.

this afternoon was our sex and the city tour, which was really good. Got to sit on SJP's front step, eat cupcakes outside their bakery, go to steve & aidens bar and of course to a sex shop in the village where Charlotte buys her rabbit....and we're not talking the cute floopy earred kind! Only blip with the tour was the totally annoying tour guide who is everything bad about america you have ever heard. totally over the top, totally loud and like totally clueless! She was a wannabe actress and had starred in one episode of 'law and order' so therefore was 'like a total professional' aaaaaaaaaaaaagh

anyway so now we are sat in Times square, about to catch a movie then go to 'bubba gump' shrimp for some tea!

oh yeah and we are both wearing N Y Yankee caps so that we look the part, decided not to go to the bronx to see the game after all. we are far too lazy.

tomorrow is empire state building so will let you know all the goings on from that excursion asap

love to you all

vikki & Em x

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