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It's time to leave Tassie and head back to the evil mainland. We've had a fantastic time on this beautiful island but I'm ready to go - this weather will wear anyone down.

We get to Devonport still loaded down with flathead fillets so we decide to have a final barbie as we wait for the ship to dock. Bad idea -- the wind that made Stu's golf game so hard has become ridiculous and it's almost impossible to keep the food on the barbie. We just manage it, but end up overcooking and throwing out half of what we cook.

Back on the Spirit of Tasmania we know the drill and get the Rig on and into our little cabin with not much fuss. Due to our abortive barbie, we have dinner in the restaurant on the boat, which is surprisingly good and then pretty much head to bed because we're straight to the airport to pick Ang and Keith up tomorrow. Yay!

The trip over is smoother than the trip over and we sleep like babies. It's good to be warm again.

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