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about an hour from Mazar is the border with uzbeistan. about 45 min in we are stopped by military, the poor people who end up sharing a taxi with the likes of me. again they think im talaban. it takes 30 to 40 min to convince them im a tourist.but in the end they let me make way for the border. the photo and guide book stupid tourist thing does work.

i get to the border and the imigration guy wants to know where in afghanistan i im a tourist on holiday really.. i work in the states.. tourist.. afghanistan beautiful county....stamp.. i about shit my self. they were letting me through. i have a single enty visa, the uzbeks cant send me back.

well the process in uzbek took one and a half hours. i dont want to go into it. walking into uzbekistan is a different word altogher. its like the ussr with an islamic taste. that day i get a night bus to tashkent.

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