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we went to church today. it was a church founded by paparao, and funded by the baxter family of longview, texas. small world. its a nice building, and was packed full of indians. they started with music, then paparao spoke on the parable of the rich fool in luke 12. of course, it was all in hindi. but sally had tom, another volunteer here, translate for her.

the highlight of the morning was the music. they like it loud. there was a live band there. i dont think they know how to do it any other way. actually, i think to do it any other way would be more expensive. there was a keyboard, electric guitar, 4 types of drums, a tamborine and five singers. the drums absolutely stole the show. thats what it was for me really, a show. it was something westerners would have paid money to watch and hear. there wasnt anything flashy about it. no lengthy solos or anything. it was just praise music with an indian flava'. by the time they were rapping up the music portion of the service, theyd been playing so long that it was obvious they were getting tired. tom leaned over to me during the climax and, barely audible, said they were just singing "jesus! jesus! jesus!". simple. i do not know what heaven sounds like when the angels celebrate new believers coming to faith, but i imagine it is nothing small. what i heard today may have been a glimpse of such a celebration. at least, its the closest thing ive ever heard to what i imagine music in heaven to be like.

after the music, sally had a chance to get up and speak. she had the option to talk for a few minutes, or forty. she chose the short and sweet option. we both spoke (i, almost against my will) a few days ago at a village where sally shared some key verses in john. she shared the gospel there, and did the same at this church for a much larger crowd. she siezed both opportunities and gently laid the gospel at their feet, free for the taking.

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