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boring scenery courtesy of vikki!

vikki bought a statue of liberty hat!!

Yankee Stadium!

central park

more boring scenery -this time emma took it!

emma getting drunk in the posh boathouse (central park)!

Ok so we had to do the tourist thing today as we were starting to feel like we were in London still and needed reaffirming that we had in fact crossed the atlantic ocean yesterday.

Woke up at the crack of dawn (still on UK time) and decided to go on a cruise. So off we treked to the Harbour. Went on a 3 hour cruise that goes the whole way round Manahattan. It was fantastic. Got to see Empire state, statue of liberty, building of new twin towers, Chrysler building, Yankee stadium. To be fair every land mark you have ever heard of in New York - we saw it!

Then made our way to the Rockerfeller centre and had lunch and are now sat in New York Public library typing so quick the keys are melting as only got half an hour to get this all in.

Tonight we are going to a bar in central park - the boathouse. then tomorrow we are doing ground zero site, followed by lunch in china town, sex & the city tour, then going to watch the baseball game in a sports bar. Yankees vs Boston red sox apparently.

Saturday is Empire state building & hopefully a broadway show then of course on sunday we have to do some shopping. cant actually believe we are managing to wait til Sunday to hit bloomingdales. Bet all plans will fly out the window before then.

Will post another entry when we can get near a computer and hopefully we will be able to find somewhere that we can download our photos

love to you all


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