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We went all the way to San Diego zoo. And there he...

A Panda up in the trees at San Diego Zoo

A Panda eating bamboo at the zoo

Nelly the elephant packed her trunk and...

...said goodbye to the circus... off she went...

... with a bumpetty bump. BUMP! BUMP! BUMP!

Sea World San Diego - Shaaaaamon!

Shamu is one big unit.

Shamu works the moves

Shamu reaches for the skies!

A dolphin comes to say hello!


A dolphin leaps high!

The dolphins liked to jump!


Splaaash! A dolphin gets his own back on the crowd!

A buluga whale cruises the strip.

And again... splash!

Another dolphin takes flight!

Another dolphin goes for a walk


What a splash! Another part of the crowd get what's good for...

Dolphins freestyling

Dolphins Synchronised #1

Dolphins Synchronised #2

Headline - "Whale launches girl to space".

Wow. Dophin meet flag. Flag - meet dolphin.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

In the last five minutes of the show the dolphins went crazy...

We went to feed the sea lions... All together now... "ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

This one was a little TOO hungry!!

This sea lion was clearly bored of our taunting, as he moves...

The Dolphin enclosure from the sky tower.

Downtown San Diego from Sea World Sky Tower

First mention of Mexico driving towards the border - 1 mile before...

The last sign in America!!

M E X I C O baby! Yeah!!!

Hey Guys! Hope you are all well!

Any gossip back home? Why not drop us a message to our website and tell us what's going on! Hope you liked the photos... It took us 2 hours and $30 to upload that lot! It ain't cheap!

So last night was very hot and stuffy. Not good to sleep in at all. We are in a dorm that faces the high street high in the trendy part of town so we're having to put up with all the people and traffic that passes in the night.

This morning we got up early and headed off to San Diego zoo. It's actually not THAT good... sure it has all the usual, but just not much of it. We still managed to catch the elephants, rhinos, hippos, monkeys and Pandas. Photos taken too - watch this space!

The tigar stitched us up - he was facing the other way over a cliff so we could only see his ears! grr! We were a bit cheesed off with him.

After lunch we boosted across town to SEA WORLD!

Helen became a different person at the thought of being next to dolphins! We both agree that Sea World was great! We met Shamu the Killer Whale... it was quite funny because whenever they called the whale's name over the loud speaker it sounded like they were saying "Shaaaamoon!". (Very funny if you've seen Bo Selecta!). So anyway.

In the afternoon we went to see the dolphin show! Helen went mad when she saw the dolphins. Gareth enjoyed it too... We also got our picture taken with a dolphin. Oh Yes.

The americans were all out in force and on top form! They love anything to do with crowd participation!

Wo! Wo! Wo! Yeeeeeeaaah! etc etc. We British are a little more reserved..!

We both agree though that all the americans we have met have been very kind and curtious and even very funny (although at times they may not have realised it!).

After Sea World we headed south to the Mexican border. We didn't actually go over the border cos it was getting dark and it's well shady round there... but we got some pictures of the crossing, which is vey chaotic and manic. Thousands crossing all the time. Tijuana looks really crazy - like a real seedy town!

After that we headed back to our hostel! Now we're really shattered and will probably get an early night!

Anyway... not many days in the States left! Disneyland still to come! (Probably Friday!)

So lots of exciting things to come. Gareth is loving US radio too - very cool indeed...

Better be off!

Lots of love Gareth & Helen x x x

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