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Janet's bird poo face

Just another beautiful beach

Pancake rocks and a wild surf

Today was an amazing day. Around each corner was a more beautiful beach that just took our breath away. We had a short ride, but stopped along the way to check things out. There was a point called "foulwinds" (Michael's new nickname) and close to that was a really good seal colony, better than the one we saw kayaking. It was a very auspicious day for Janet- she was shat on by a sea gull, right on the nose (see picture). We went out and bought a lottery ticket as soon as we could.

After that stop, it was on to Pancake rocks and the blow holes. The rocks look like stacked pancakes and are worn by the sea. Really cool and the site was done really well for us tourists. We travelled on to our campsite in Greymouth- another one close to the sea so we can be lulled alseep by the waves. It has been a warm sunny day, followed by off and on showers. I think the south island will just be that way due to the mountains. We're spending the rest of the day in Greymouth, checking out the area and the local beer, Monteith's. Reminds us of home and a good Big Rock trad!

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