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So New Zealand, well even though I only spent two weeks there it feel's like I spent much more time there then that. Although I didn't get to do most of what I wanted to do (no glaciers, surfing or horse trekking) I have no complaints nor do I feel that I really missed out on anything. Once again I have to say that was due to the company. Even when I got back to Auckland I was able to meet up with some folks that I had met when I was there the second time which was nice and plus Nimish from Cairns was there getting ready to head out on his own NZ tour. For some reason, perhaps I just need to spend more time here but there are quite a few people who seem to feel that NZ is the place to resettle and are trying to make a go of it here. English, Irish, Americans, the lot.

The more you travel the smaller the world seems to get and the more you start to bump into people that you have met along the way. . . some unfinished thoughts maybe more later.

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