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After leaving Picton we headed further south with our next destination being Kaikoura. On the way it was easy to see how the two islands differed. With less people and the towns being more spread out. In a country of 4 million people they say a third lives in Auckland. We passed thru a military proving ground and found ourselves wondering why NZ has a military in the first place, I guess you just never know when Australia might attack!

So arriving at the town of Kaikoura we checked in at the Dusky Lodge where it took me all of about 30 seconds to piss off the girl at the front desk. Once again where I thought I was being amusing, obviously not everyone appreciates the same type of humor. . .

Once that moment passed we found out that it just wasn't me and she is just naturally pissed off. Maybe someone needs a new job? So this was also a cool little beach town where you can go whale watching and swimming with the seals and dolphins. None of which I did (I was feeling a bit unmotivated to get wet) but you can do it none the less. I decided to go hiking up into the hills and up into the clouds for the day instead. From the back of the Lodge they reminded me of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings, obviously a bit smaller, but it motivated me to see how the view was from the top.

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