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On the way to Wellington




Leaving the port of Wellington

Marlborough Sound

Pete, Dana, myself and Ingrid


The port of Picton








Thankgod it's the "truth"

Since I wasn't able to dive the Rainbow Warrior I was pretty determined to dive the Russian cruise ship Mikhail Lermontov which was just outside of the port city of Picton which is where the ferry from Wellington pulls into. Outside of being a port town it's pretty small and I didn't get the impression that too many people really stay there for more then a few days. We pretty much spent most of our first day hanging out at the guest house drinking wine.

The dive itself was pretty interesting that

A- I have never dove in such cold waters before requiring such a heavy wetsuit, and the visibility was crap.

B- I have never dove such a large wreck before, with all the images of the Poseidon Adventure and a few other ghost/shipwreck movies going thru my mind as we swam thru the galley ways, the old pool and peered into old state rooms. The one bar was still there with all the bar stools which still swiveled and if any of us had a camera it would of made a pretty erie shot. There was only one death attributed to the actual sinking of the vessel but since then there have been a few deaths of recreational divers two of which have never been found and presumed to still be onboard some where.

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